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This past year I have had the pleasure of working with Inkstick Media and Bombshelltoe x Art Collective to create my project "Welcome to Alpine Meadows" as part of the Creative Capsule Residency. With the overall goal of promoting Non-proliferation, "Welcome to Alpine Meadows" focuses on the intersection of propaganda, weaponization, and the human psyche.


Alpine Meadows is a theoretical town that serves as an imaginative playground, a place where the absurdity of weaponization is exaggerated and amplified for critical examination. By constructing this town through pieces of fictional propaganda, I aim to provoke thought and encourage a deeper understanding of the consequences that arise from glorifying tools of violence. 

The propaganda machine within Alpine Meadows, known as The Department of Romanticization, is a central institution responsible for guiding the political views of the town.  I have embraced this role and aim to highlight the seductive nature of propaganda and the potential dangers of its manipulation through paintings, sculptures, and printed media. By engaging with this exhibit, viewers are encouraged to consider the implications of such ideologies in our own reality.


Inaugural exhibition and documentation at Haymont Arts Studio, Gananoque, ON


It should be noted that nuclear weapons serve as a crucial but underlying theme in the creation of Alpine Meadows, subtly implied throughout the propaganda of the town. While not explicitly mentioned, their presence is there, symbolized by the encouraged use of firearms as a means of personal protection. I have drawn parallels between the two and have emphasized the absurdity of relying on deterrence as a means of security, while also bringing light to how these weapons are framed. 


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